sreda, 29. junij 2011

meeting point

četrtek, 23. junij 2011



čudni dnevi/strange days

te dni sem bla zuni mesta. u biti sem lihkar prišla nazaj. in te dni nisem bla ravno za družit se al pa se pogovarjat. zgleda da kašni torki in srede ob začetku poletja taki so. tak da sem pol šla vn po ribez in višnje. nazaj v brlog in začela kuhat. se mi zdi da še nikol nisem sama delala marmelada, ampak sadje je blo, muzika za preposlušat tut, tajming pa taprav. za okus sem rekla da bo kr mix. zmešat vse skupi i ka bo bo. glede sladkorja....sem hotla kolko se da malo ga dat, ampak ker neki je baje treba da drži, je bil kompromis pol. tak da malo domačga vanilijevga sladkorja in malo muscovada. bomo vidli do kdaj bo držalo. itak pa da sem pozabla danes, predn sm šla, foto nardit. jao, zmeda. enkit mnde dam tut to gor, zejle ne morem, ker nimam polek. nisem mogla nest vsega. ni mi jasno kak mi zmeri, ampak res zmeri, rata bit tak natovorjena. kolk gre. majkemi. in vse je itak nujno potrebno. ni to zej kr neki....mhm. se pa v tem momentu ne bi smela prtoževat, ker to , da maš pa takle v mestu produkte iz domačga vrta pa tut neki šteje. cel luksuz v biti. eh....črno...belo...zgleda da so tut kaki čudni četrtki vmes :/
these days i was at the country side. just came back in fact. and these days i was not so much in gathering/talking mood. dont know. i guess some thursdays and wednesdays at the beginning of the summer are like this. what i did then was....went out, picked currant and sour cherries, went back to my burrow and started cooking. in fact, i think i never made marmelade by myself before. but still, there was the fruit, music to listen to and good timing. wiht flavour i decided for the combination. just mixing it all together. didnt want to put much sugar (just a bit of homemade vanilla sugar and a bit of muscovado) so am not sure how long this will hold. at the end there were many more jars filled then i expected. and of course, today, being confused as most of the time, i forgot to make a photo of the final product. this will follow i hope at some point, because now i didnt even take it with. always too many things to carry. dont know how i manage in fact. how always, but really always i manage to pack so many things. they are all crucial of course :/ right. but for this time of the year maybe i shouldnt complain. it is great to have home garden products with me here in the city. what a luksuz in fact....uf, now i'm in, now i'm, seems like there are some strange thursdays in between also :/

zej se pa lah čudno počutim naprej tu v mestu. brez marmelade.
now i can continue to feel strange here in the city. without marmelade.

ponedeljek, 20. junij 2011


doma narjeni. super ideja za malco. al, s.? samo pečeš neki minut ne na največjem ognju. na teflonki.
homemade. super idea for a snack. or, s.? it is just baking for some minutes (not the biggest heat). teflon pan.

nismo lih neki na zavese, ma tele so super.
we're not really into curtains, but these ones are great.

ponedeljek, 13. junij 2011

finally... sofia!

we managed. to go to sofia and to put this post here.

sofia trip/gathering in the beginning of may was super. nothing less. you can imagine, twins, first on the road trip to treviso (guacamole, good navigation, good driving and much laughing), then fun right away on the airport, eating fast the home made cheesecake before checking the luggage, waiting in line for the turn to be able to try to squeeze the luggage in the measuring box and then waiting again. amazing how long the airport people still call "the last call" call. then the plane. this was a bit less fun fun, since you are so high up and just want to be down again. but with music and sleep it went ok. and then.....then.....ouyeah!! immediately when we saw us, it was trio bevanda team again! this is so great. you know, when you meet someone after almost a year but the vibe is still the same. so much good talking and laughing! super super gathering! and a lot of good food. when we came, for the first night, the grandma (she was cooking all the time and very good) made sarmi. uf. late in the night, after all the excitement of the day, they were just the right thing to have. in general in these days in sofia we ate good and healthy things all the time. really. we also met nice new people; we were exploring the places for lunches and dinners, being in the park looking at people while having šumensko, seeing the country side and checking good places for going out. one of the places to eat that specially stayed in our minds was supa star. great food, nice people, friendly ambient. we had to go there twice. divaka was also a good place because it is opened all the time, so it is a great alternative to pizza, burek  and kebab when you decide to be hungry late in the night. like this, at two in the morning at this place, we were eating different soups (including the vegetable soup in bread cup mmMMMMMm) and salads. sadly no photos from there. too hungry and too "tired". what we also did was visit women market. many things all over, but the reason we were there was turkish restaurant. and on the way there we stopped for a little snack; mmmmmMMMMmikici. one more and very nice thing about the visit in sofia was sitting on the balcony on the 13th floor and looking at the city, with good tea and good conversation. was just great. 

we have to say that our host (very very good host) was much better with timing and made review about the trio bevanda sofia gathering already some time ago. you can find it here and here.

favorite cups

first walk
 supa star

women market
 the view

 rilski manastir

 looking at the people
 dinner at home

petek, 03. junij 2011

med pisanjem še ene objave.../while writing another post...

...sem našla to. sprehod po ljubljani prejšni teden.
...i found this. a walk in ljubljana last week.

četrtek, 02. junij 2011

total beauty makeover

že neki časa smo v manjši mlaki opazovali neke hecne insekte. precej strašljive. ko bogomolke, brez večjih sprednjih nog, pa temno rjave. aaaaa. in zvedeli, da so bube kačjega pastirja.
in danes nekako spet pot teče mimo te mlake, na lokvanju pa tale huda buba odprta, iz hrbta vun pa ji je zlezo taki ogromni (vsaj dvakrat večji od bube) kačji pastir. meu je po tamalem 11,7 centi, kar bubo naredi vsaj 5 centi velko. bljak. ampak makeover je pa čudo. grdkasto čudo.
for some time now we have observed, in a smaller pond, some kind of funny little insects. pretty scary ones. like a mantis, with no major front legs, and dark brown. aaaaa. and we learned that this is the dragonfly cocoon.
and now, after some time, we returned back
to the pond, and on the water lily, this severe cocoon was opened on the back, and from a crack, a huge (at least twice as big as the cocoon) dragonfly climbed out. it had at least 11.7 cm, which makes a cocoon as big as 5cm. yuck. but this makeover is a miracle. ugly little miracle.

in tale fotka ni fotošopirana sploh.
and this photo is photoshop free.


včeraj sem bila deležna moje prve lekcije kvačkanja. neka ideja, da bi mi to znalo bit blizu, ni nova. in zanimivo, da se je dan poklopil tudi z zadnjim tosezonskim treningom plezanja. krasna zamenjava, če bo le kvačkarska igla zdržala vso to moč.
yesterday i got my first lesson of crocheting. an idea that i could like it, is not new. and what is interesting is, that on the same day, my climbing workout lessons ended.
great replacement, if only the crocheting needle will manage all this power.

tako sem naredila svojo prvo verigo, dan kasneje pa že rdečo rutico za manjšega hrčka.
so first i made ​​a little chain and today a super mini red scarf for a smaller hamster.