petek, 28. oktober 2011


... če takle pušlc čaka tudi mene za pedesetko, že nestrpno cepetam.
... i can hardly wait to be fifty, if bouquet like this will be waiting for me too.

nedelja, 23. oktober 2011


.. neki ne štima :/
.. something went wrong :/

četrtek, 20. oktober 2011

sreda, 19. oktober 2011


jesenske aktivnosti/autumn activities

hecn ta oktober tu. še zmeri jako toplo in sončno. danes tut. v tem momentu je super tu zuni na terasi sedet, poslušat muziko in pisat tole. in hecno kak se spreminja okol. vrt že čisto vn iz zelenga, jako fine barve vsepovsod in listje za brcat. tut s paradjazi je konc. so pa semena ko čakajo na novo sezono. sem začela z malo zbirko buč. so ble tri, ma zdej samo še ena. sej ni šlo najprvo jih porabit, ko so ble super tam na kupu, ma pol....juha je bla super. kaj še? te dni je skos kašna akcija, skos kje okol ko je še zmeri fino za bit zuni.

it is crazy this october here. still very warm and sunny. like today. at the moment it is great to sit here on terrace, listening to music and writing this. and funny how surrounding is changing. no more green on the garden, but super colors and the leaves to kick around. the tomatoes are done also. now the seeds are ready for the new season to come. as timing is right i started a little pumpkin collection. there were three i had and now two are gone already. was a bit of thinking if to eat them or not, they looked great there all three of them, but then....the soup was great. what more? these days there is action and going around all the time. good time for being outdoors still.

sobota, 15. oktober 2011

sreda, 12. oktober 2011

"the powerpuff climbing girls" ...

... so pretekli vikend oblegale in osvojile del stene na vranskem.
... besieged and conquered part of the wall in vransko last weekend.

sobota, 08. oktober 2011

Be careful what you wish for

by ekaterina (cross balkan blogging)

Before the coffee cup is turned around and your fortune is told, you have to make a wish…. In her infinite wisdom, Yasemin (who also taught me the invaluable lesson to never run while carrying cheese cake) advised me to be careful. “Take your time. To make a wish is a serious thing,” she said.

Now I wait for the magic carpet.

četrtek, 06. oktober 2011

Turkish delights

by ekaterina (cross balkan blogging)

Three of a long list of my favorite things about being in Bodrum:
1.    Eating quail eggs;
2.    Drinking çay;
3.    Talking about twins. :)