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cross balkan blogging project je še ena noviteta na našem blogu. je projekt, s katerim želimo ohranit našo bulgarsko-slovensko navezo in luda druženja z ekaterino. zato si bomo nekajkrat na mesec izmenjavale objave čez balkan.

cross balkan blogging project is one more new thing here. it is a project that will help us to keep our bulgaria-slovenia connection and crazy gathering we had with ekaterina. for this we will monthy exchange few posts over the balkan.


Ways to Alleviate Withdrawal

Definition of withdrawal: any sort of separation, but is most commonly used to describe the group of symptoms that occurs upon the abrupt discontinuation/separation or a decrease in dosage of the intake of medications, recreational drugs, and/or alcohol. In order to experience the symptoms of withdrawal, one must have first developed a physical dependence (often referred to as chemical dependency). This happens after consuming one or more of these substances for a certain period of time.

If we substitute the italicized words in orange with ‘Tina and Nina’, it pretty much describes how I was feeling as I headed back from Ljubljana to Sofia via Munich. After spending much of the last two weeks’ waking hours together in Trška gora, Mali Vrh and Krško, the sudden separation hit me pretty hard.

A few things made it slightly better:

Bussines class meal

The view of the early-morning sky from the airplane window

The free coffee and newspapers in the G zone of the Munich Airport

Now, I am back in Sofia, and continuing our joint endeavours, this time with a distance of much of the Balkans between us. Welcome to our Cross Balkan Blogging project!

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